Technical structure vs. Natural structure:Edit

Just to clarify what I mean, the TS is how is the data organized, stored and referred to - it’s a technical underlying architecture, bits and bytes and databases, which shouldn’t affect the natural structure. It can have be implemented differently and working seemingly the same on surface. Natural (logic) structure (the structure I refer to when saying Structure) - is the set if rules by which the content is logically organized, which allows for inference.

Some examples of rules:

  • Every notion has a set of other related notions and some degrees of relateness
  • Can’t create contradictions as part of the same argument
  • Can’t use logical fallacies
  • Can’t get personal / emotional (system would hide it as noise and mark a noisy statement:) (this is less of a structural rule though)

Moderation policies:Edit

At the design stage (and maybe later), there should be human moderators, because rules will need some data to be defined:)

The system should evolve in terms of structure, since we won’t nail it down from the v1.0. How does that work? How would such system be designed? Is there one better design, or it should also be branched on the low level, so that different “designs” could compete for encompassing better data according to principle 1?..