Dear all, thank you for attending the first meeting! I'm glad so many exceptional people took time to participate. Here's a brief summary of the meeting's discussion. It was intentionally superficial, where we could speculate on the possibilities of such system.

Some of the questions and topics touched upon:Edit

System design approaches:Edit

bottom-up (UI -> structure) + better ease of use

- garbage content + potentially could use crowd to create content, then try to increase it’s qualitу - little different than any other semantic bigdata tools out there - chicken-egg problem: low user-value while content is absent

or top-down (structure first, UI follows) - no natural language at first, impossible for a simple user to use + quality structured content - less flexible? hard to predict the result. Needs to be evolve-able + can see what we’re working on, can build an MVP, iterate

The role of existing resourcesEdit

  • Usage of existing sources of structured data, connection points with dbpedia etc. (that seems to be further down the road, e.g. the role of data-points in the system).
  • Usage of existing ontologies.

Motivation to create content the systemEdit

  • disagreement is the great energy source, problem: highly emotional.
  • game mechanics. Using a game mechanism to create initial content, problem: biased

Possible value propositions:Edit

  • resolving arguments and disagreements
  • making a better weighted business decision
  • collaborative science work
  • understanding the world
  • filtering *bs* in real time

Also, for corporate users:

  • using the product as a plug in for the websites for
    • organize and bring order to commenting
    • give tools to summarize and draw conclusions from discussions.

Users: Anonimous vs. Ranking system. Moderation policies.Edit

I'd be happy to discuss these and other topics I'm posting in other discussions in the group. They are now more organized and we can be more specific. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. I will set the next session meeting once we shape a specific list of discussion topics that are best discussed by brainstroming :)